Saturday, August 27, 2011

The post about England

This is my fifth day in England, and I'm having an amazing time. I've seen a lot of dead people's houses, and gone on a lot of walks, and drunk a lot of fizzy water, and leaned on a lot of stones.
I've also been buying many presents for some of my favorite people. If you don't get a present after I get home, that's your hint. Or I accidentally left it behind in a hotel room. Really, it's a 50/50 chance either way.
One of my favorite things here is translating English into American.
For example:
Boot --> Trunk (of a car)
Lift --> Elevator
Crisps --> Potato chips
Chips --> French Fries

These are all pretty common ones. But then there are others that I had to observe for a few days before figuring out. For example:
How long are you here? --> You're American, right?
*Unintelligible British mumbling* --> Do you want a beverage to start? OR You're American, right?
'e wos aright stan oop fellow --> Shakespeare was a pretty decent guy.
Are you ready to order? --> You're American, right?
Have you read the Beatrix Potter stories? --> You're American, right? Why are you at her house? We only get British and Japanese people here.

I can't wait to see how these differ from the colloquialisms of Ireland, where I'll be starting tomorrow! (really I can though. I have to wake up at five a.m., which will actually be around 8 p.m. tonight for most people reading this)
And maybe I'll find some time there to write a post about Wordsworth's houses, or Beatrix Potter's, or the amazing ruined Abbey I saw, or the rain (and rain and rain) or the hilarious boat tour with the British equivalent of my southern neighbor, or the slightly less hilarious and more terrifying adventures on the left side of the road, or David Tennant's clothes (sadly he wasn't there though) or the weird TARDIS phenomenon over here.

If I were in the states I would post a funny clip of British-speak right now, but I can't so instead just click here for the funny!

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